Faku Hang Opens the curtain


Today, I saw a cloud of seven colors in the sky. Everyone sent a circle of friends to say what it was? The legendary colorful clouds are the lover to pick us up; or the demon cloud will swallow us. In fact, everyone is more concerned, this is the colorful smoke of the opening ceremony of the 2017 Faku Air. It’s beautiful, right? It’s better to compare it to colorful clouds. It’s a good fortune. May our life be better and better.


Today is the opening of the Faku Air Show. The three-day air show is on the weekend. It is better to take you with Xiaobian. You bring friends and go to see our Ari Show. The Faku Air Show was slightly different from the one we participated in earlier. This time, there was no static indoor exhibition. The main body of the propaganda also changed from China-Australia Airlines to Yuelong Navigation. The focus of the promotion was transferred from the aircraft itself to flight training. Therefore, the layout of the booth is mostly a poster, which details the company and its operation, as well as the class hours and processes of the training.


On the first day, Xu was a wonderful performance outside, which attracted more audiences. In the static exhibition indoors, only a few people came to understand the flight training. Although there were few people, the staff would be enthusiastic. To explain it, including the models we use for training, the hardware facilities for teaching, the teaching experience of flight instructors, flight training classes, how to register. What is the process, will explain one by one. It coincides with today's exactly Friday that people are less at work and believe that there will be more people tomorrow.


Everyone outside can't miss the show. For the three-day air show, there will be no repetitive performances. Do you want to ask me why I understand this, because Xiaobian I peeked at the program list, I want it, private letter I am! Let's let Xiaobian sort out the pictures and share with you the first day of the library.




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