Another way for Goddess


Panjin Yuelong Navigation: wish all ladies- Happy LADY’S Day!!!  


 I meet the most beautiful you

It’s another year’s Lady’s Day!!!

In this Festival, all ladies are buying and buying.

This time, we recommend you 

Another way for goddess

Guarantee high specification! High fashion! And enough big! 



Aircraft, beauty model, beauty pilot demonstrates personally 

Phone for appointment of flight experiences: 0427-8298737 

Address: Chenjia General Airport, Shuangtaizi District, Panjin City  

A woman is a flower.

Some women are like a clean lotus,

A woman like Lotus always has an elegant and quiet heart, 

To face the chaotic and complicated world,

Look for peace in the beauty and ugliness.

She is not trapped by human society, 

not held by the world. 

She can always find calmness in the troubles.

After a long experiences, 

can we get such a clean lotus. 



March 8 is the International Working Women's Day. Internationally, the full name of Women's Day is “United Nations Women's Rights and International Peace Day”. It is a festival for women in all countries in the world to strive for peace, equality and development. For a century, women in all countries have made unremitting efforts to fight for their rights and successfully supported the half of the world.  

On March 8, 1909, women workers in Chicago, Illinois, and national textile and clothing workers held large-scale strikes and demonstrations, demanding increased wages, an eight-hour work system and their right to vote. This is the first organized mass struggle of working women in the history, which fully demonstrated the power of working women. With the wide sympathy and enthusiastic responses of women nationwide and across the world, the struggle finally won.  



At the time of the Lady’s Day, 

You should understand one person best!

Once she was young, 

had a bosom female friend and talked everything; 

Never look back for her love; 

Crazy about her dream; 

Felt her unfair fate and fought against it, 

But she yielded for someone. 

All employees from Panjin Yuelong General Aviation Co., Ltd.: 

Wish all women happy holiday!  

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