Are friends ready to fly?


When winter comes to spring, everything is recovering. It’s better to come to Panjin Yuelong to enjoy “flying a plane” experience when having an outing in spring. From today, you can reserve your flight experience activity. New friends and old friends can make reservations by calling 0427-8298737. Today, we mainly introduce the contents of flight experience for new friends. Flying enthusiasts can participate in this activity and old friends can enjoy again. We hope our new friends to become our old friends in one day!      



What’s the flight experience? 

The flight experience is to allow professional aircraft pilots to take tourists to have low-altitude flights (pre-school flights). During the process, the flight crew will let tourists enjoy the aircraft flying fun. The flying experience is one-to-one experience, to allow tourists to have the opportunity and experiences of piloting an aircraft.   

Although customers have no pilot license and have no flight experiences, they can operate the aircraft's rudder by themselves to fly at high-altitude. The reasons why some of the aircrafts can be used for flying operation experience are that the pilot and co-pilot of the aircraft are linked, equivalent to the instructional car mode. Customers can operate the flight direction and altitude of the aircraft, and the pilot on the side can assist customers in completing the safe operation and smooth landing.  





Flying Experiences 

1. Have a direct dialogue with the handsome captain to learn about knowledge about flight;  

2. Take photos with the aircraft (captain) as you like; 

3. The co-pilot can operate the aircraft by himself under the assistance of the captain;  


Items of flying experiences: 

1. Conventional flight: sliding along runway, taking off, conventional rising and falling, landing; 

2. Aerobatic flight I: A 60 degree steep turn,  steep slope, about 2 G of overload, experiencing the weight loss of the aircraft in the air;  

3. Experience time: about 7 minutes; the flying time starts from the rotation of propeller to the end of the rotation of the propeller. 


Aircraft model for flying experiences  

The Australian Jabiru series J160-C aircrafts adopt Jabiru 2200cc engine 80 horsepower, 4-cylinder 4-stroke, and its propeller is made of wooden composite material with fixed blades. Its take-off run is only 210 meters, the landing run is 238 meters, and the payload is 240 kg and the maximum take-off weight is 540 kilograms. This type of aircraft is composed of fiberglass composite body, and its single-row and two-seat layout allows the aircraft to fly stably. The first three-point landing gear design combined with its outstanding aerodynamic characteristics makes it superior in the flight and handling performance.






How to book 

You can call 0427-8298737 twenty-four hours in advance to submit you real name and telephone to the staffs to register. (When there are 6-10 people registered, staffs will organize the flight experiences)  

[Notice for Booking] 

1. One passenger can take the aircraft and sit at the position of the co-pilot; 

2. Please book at least one day in advance; 

3. After successful booking, confirm it in the airport with the ID card of each passenger;  






1. Passengers shall arrive at the designated airport of the project at least 30 minutes before the scheduled flight time; 

2. Infants (under 2 years of age) shall not take the aircraft and children (2 to 12 years old) can take the aircraft when accompanied by adults, and the ticket price of children is the same as adults; 

3. Patients with infectious diseases, mental illness, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, severe anemia, otolaryngology diseases and parturient women and persons who have undergone gastrointestinal operation within 10 days cannot take the aircrafts. 

4. It is forbidden to carry guns, ammunition, controlled knives, flammable and explosive articles, pets and toxic substances that may affect the flight safety to take the aircrafts.  




Refund rules 

1. After successful booking, full refund is allowed (at least one day in advance) and no service charge is required for refund. Refund is not allowed on the day of the events. 

2. After successful booking, reschedule or transfer to others is allowed (contact the customer service staffs in advance for manual operation); 

3. If aircrafts cannot operate normally due to act of God (such as heavy rain, severe winds above grade 4 and other bad weather), full refund or rescheduling is supported. The specific situation is subject to the announcement of the airport on the day.  

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