The first domestic aviation technology classroom was built in Harbin Aviation School in China


According to data from the China Civil Aviation Pilot Training Conference, China's air transport market is developing rapidly, but the aviation pilots cannot meet the demands. By 2015, there will be a gap of 18,000 pilots. That is to say, in the next few years, 2,500-3,000 new pilots should take the job in the civil aviation industry in china each year.  

Recently, it is stipulated that high school students can take a license of private aircraft in Beijing, and a number of flight enthusiasts are very delighted. It is expected that, from the next year, the number of persons who can take a pilot license will be increased gradually, and the flying schools will become hot. What will be done for flying schools against this good trend?   

At the same time, major flight schools are also planning how to train pilots efficiently and recruit more students to train. Harbin Aviation School, as a national key secondary vocational school work with Beijing Huanshi Lianchuang to build the first aviation classroom in China to improve the students’ quality. Its high simulation of the cabin design, operating system and visual simulation allow people to operate an aircraft really. 

attention from major flight schools. Due to high fidelity of Huanshi Lianchuang flight simulators, many flight schools and flight training organizations are willing to cooperate with it, to improve their quality of flight driving training and reduce costs with the flight simulators.  

The high fidelity of flight simulators designed and created by Huanshi Lianchuang brought contributions to the flight industry and allowed more people to receive flight training and simulated piloting experiences. The high-simulation cockpit, realistic motion and visual simulation system and a variety of complex environments and driving podiums constitute an attractive flight simulator that spreads its charm all the time and meets people’s desires for piloting. 

Soon after, the aircraft will replace the car, and the use of flight simulator training flight driving technology will become the most convenient method, each flight driving school will display a large number of flight simulators for trainees, flight simulator will become a must facility.

In the near future, aircrafts will replace cars and the training of flight piloting with a flight simulator will become the most convenient method. Each flight school will display a large number of flight simulators for trainees. Flight simulators will become mandatory facilities.  


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