Civil Aviation Administration: China will actively promote the “open sky”


The person in charge of Civil Aviation Administration of China said at the “Global Friendship Airport Presidents Forum” held on the 2nd day that, following the principle of “active progress”, China is expected to achieve comprehensive “open sky” in the near future without limitation on transport capacity and the quantity of carriers.  

Han Jun, the director of International Department of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, said that China's civil aviation will continue to adhere to the principle of “active, progressive, orderly and secure”, and open up international air traffic right according to the market development needs and security capability, to meet the needs of consumers and ensure the healthy development of the industry.

Han Jun said that, under the premise of fair competition and safeguarding consumer rights, the Civil Aviation Administration of China encourages Chinese and foreign airlines to carry out various cooperation including code sharing and joint operation, etc.  

At present, China has signed intergovernmental air transport agreements with 115 countries and regional organizations, and 55 air ports have been opened to the outside world nationwide, and 747 aircrafts can take off and land in 25 air ports. According to statistics, in the summer and autumn of 2014, 111 foreign airlines flew from 104 cities in 55 countries and regions to 46 cities in China, with 2,705 scheduled passenger and cargo flights per week. At the same time, 19 airlines flew from 47 cities in China to 120 cities in 49 countries and regions, with 2,854 scheduled passenger and cargo flights per week. (Editor of this website: Wang Tian)     


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