How to become a qualified pilot

With aircraft and flight environments, these aircrafts need to be driven. An important part of the general aviation sector is training of pilot, to train aspiring people to become aircraft pilots.

With aircraft and flight environments, these aircrafts need to be driven. An important part of the general aviation sector is training of pilot, to train aspiring people to become aircraft pilots. Generally, as people think, to become a pilot is a very expensive thing. However, with the popularity of aviation activities, it will not be too difficult to realize the dream of being an aircraft pilot.  

Internationally, aircraft pilots are usually divided into five levels: flight pilots, junior pilots, commercial pilots, flight instructors, and airline pilots. When the level is increased, the requirements for pilots’ knowledge, skills, physical and mental qualities are higher. The standards for these requirements are specified in Section 61 of the Civil Aviation Regulations of China (ccAR61). Thus, it is not easy to become an aircraft pilot who works in an airline and flight. In addition to strict requirements for physical health and psychological quality, learners must pass the assessment step by step, accumulate superb operational skills and flight experiences. It will take about 10 years for study, because the skill level and experiences of the pilots who perform the flight mission in the air are important guarantees for passengers to achieve safe flight.  

First batch of self-funded pilots

To become a junior pilot of general aviation is much simpler than a airline pilot. You can go to the training department of a flight school to register and apply for a junior training of pilots. The school’s requirements for junior pilot trainees are as follows:    

The first is to check and test the physical and mental health of the trainees. In addition to routine examinations, there are high standards for balance ability and vision. For example, students should not be color-blind, and the corrected visual acuity must reach 1.2. In terms of psychological quality, their memory, responsiveness, and perceived judgment should be tested. The physical examination should be reviewed every two years, and the psychological quality should be continuously improved through training. In a word, most healthy people can basically meet the basic requirements of this level. 

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The second is the requirement for basic knowledge. In the training department, the trainees should learn basic aviation knowledge, basic meteorological knowledge, basic theories of aerodynamics, flight principles, and master the relevant parts of the visual flight rules and civil aviation regulations.  

The third is the skills. It is necessary to be able to complete pre-flight inspections of aircrafts to be used, to fly on airports and flight zones, to evade ground obstacles, to take off and land in different situations, to fly over cities, and to handle emergencies, etc. 

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The fourth is the flight experiences. During the training period, the trainees must receive at least 20 hours of training with the trainer and 20 hours of individual flight experiences. 

When junior pilots are trained, these flight schools may arrange different curriculum and training subjects. The training will last about 25-40 weeks. However, after the completion of the course, the trainees must pass the examination of the designated agency of the civil aviation authority before obtaining the primary flight driving license. The trainee is limited to drive small general-purpose aircraft, engage in individual flight operations, and cannot carry passengers. If trainees are dedicated to further develop and improve their flight skills, they shall attend a higher level of commercial pilot training. After passing this level of license examination, they can drive an aircraft that can carry passengers and has a large tonnage and fly a long time. This training may takes about 3 to 4 years. On the basis of commercial pilots, if a trainee can enter the airline to work, receive several years of professional training and obtain sufficient flight experiences, and pass the rigorous assessment of theory and technology and obtain a pilot’s license, the trainee can become a airline pilot. The tonnage of the aircraft flying on the route is large, and such trainees cannot be trained in a ordinary flight school. Therefore, airline pilots are trained by the airlines themselves.